IGU Congress 2020

We are extremely proud to share that IGUYECG will be organising a range of sessions at the upcoming IGU Congress 2020 to be held in Istanbul, Turkey. Send an abstract for the IGUYECG sponsored sessions. Join us for a range of capacity building workshops too. https://igc2020.org/…/YOUNG-AND-EARLY-CAREER-GEOGRAPHERS-TA

National Center for Research in Geography Education

The National Center for Research in Geography Education (NCRGE) has initiated three research networks supporting further implementation of the Road Map for 21st Century Geography Education project’s landmark report on geography education research: Geography Education and Libraries, Powerful Geography, and the National Assessment of Educational Progress Geography Assessment https://bit.ly/2N4tfD1

A Blue Green Era Conference 2019: Call for Applications

Call for applications from youth 18 to 30 years! Sri Lanka Next 2019- A Blue Green Era Conference 2019. Youth Forum on Climate Change: “Building Resilience to Climate Change Impacts and Adopting Sustainable Lifestyles” Fill out the application and submit along with your project proposal on or before 30th of September: https://forms.gle/icb5n9F9FJtD9uct8 #SriLankaNext2019 #ClimateResilience #ClimateAction #SustainableLifestyles